What is Bronze Clay?

Just like Art Clay Silver, BRONZE Clay will allow you to easily create any shape you have in mind.

However, being in bronze, the costs will be absolutely lower and you can also use it to make larger pieces. but you ‘need a professional kiln for firing . BRONZE clay can be extruded, rolled, sculpted, engraved, cut and manipulated in any way.

During firing, the binder which is associated to, burns away, leaving a solid, pure bronze piece.

You can create jewellery, jewellery components or personalised tools.

Composizione: 11% stagno, 89% rame.

Ritiro: 17-20%

Cottura in forno professionale : rampa a 120C/h fino a 843C e mantenimento per 3 ore.

Nota bene: BRONZE Clay deve essere cotto usando del carbone attivato dentro un contenitore in acciaio.