Bronze - Intermediate Level Courses

In this 10-hours course, over  two days, you will make five pieces using bronze clay. The course is designed to refine your techniques and take them to an advanced level.

This course is suitable for those who already has experience with bronze clay.

You will create a pendant with cubic zirconia and a design with raised lines, a chain with big rings, two crimp covers  and a T-clasp.

250 Euros material and light lunch included.

Intermediate level


10 am to 5.30 pm with a 30 min. break on the first day

10 am to 1 pm on the second day

You will learn:

  • to set a cubic zirconia
  • make a chain with rings
  • to roll very thin lines and create rounded structures
  • to create attachment hooks
  • to build a necklace with a chain of rings and beads
  • to finish the necklace with crimp covers and a T-clasp.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to create much more complex pieces of jewellery.